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About SBR-LS and our work to support innovation in life science and healthcare technology

SBR-LS has the knowledge and expertise to support critical life science and healthcare industries with silicone and rubber sealing solutions

The formation of SBR-LS is a result of the progressive approach Southbourne Rubber has taken since the business was formed in 1995.  Manufacturing with quality, production agility and overall excellence has always been the common goal.  

With an extensive understanding of rubber and silicone compound material options, there is an ongoing and parallel drive to innovate new products and services.  We support and meet the demands of critical markets and applications in the UK and globally.  As part of The West Group of Companies we achieve an enhanced, collective expertise for our customers.

Understanding within the life science community is continually evolving and is fast paced.  As our scientific knowledge develops, so must the creation of technologies to enable the development of working practice.  Our technical teams have extensive knowledge of materials, their applications and how they can be maximised or manipulated. 


'In-house manufacturing, understanding materials and production agility enables us to support life science markets with quality and performance components'

Stephen Wilde, Managing Director, SBR Life Sciences

Med-tech manufacturers at the cutting edge of treatment technology development draw upon our capabilities

In the case of medical technology development, this has become a key competence at SBR-LS.  Strength and depth of knowledge from The West Group of Companies, of which it forms a part, is creating a valuable resource.  Our medical grade rubber and silicone sealing solutions offer the following key benefits:

  • Our range of compounds for design into life healthcare devices and systems is extensive.  We work with our customers to help them gain the the correct material performance and stability their specific application demands
  • SBR-LS manufacture in-house from our own dedicated production facilities.  We have state of the art injection moulding equipment with continued investment in the latest rubber production techniques

  • We have the ability to control the entire production process.  Our work with med-tech manufacturers is a result of our overall business agility with value add capability

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Our extensive portfolio of rubber and silicone parts with custom design expertise make SBR-LS the ideal supplier

Our component options, whether standard or custom, are vast with the variation in material and manufacturing capability at our fingertips.  Customers can select from our standard product range or opt to design a part if it is not available.

We are experts in the provision of rubber and silicone component solutions. Get in touch if you want to find out more