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Services from SBR-LS

Services and production solutions from SBR-LS give you the effectiveness and cost-efficiencies your markets demand

We undertake complex assemblies of rubber, silicone and plastic components within our class 10,000 ISO Class 7 cleanroom.  In-house packaging assistance is available

Our kitting services are a valuable resource for companies looking to gain efficiencies and move towards lean manufacturing

As a group, we have invested heavily in our facilities to offer added value to our customers.  In addition to the supply of parts, let us help you with your packing

 We operate an industry leading UK based cleanroom facility.  The full range of markets we support utilise our ISO Class 7 Classification cleanroom processing

Our knowledge of rubber and silicone material capability for custom components is a key competence at SBR-LS

 We are recognised as a supplier of high performing custom rubber mouldings. For emerging technologies we have complete design and supply flexibility.  As technologies develop, so does our moulding and tooling equipment. We support med-tech and scientific innovation through advanced custom solutions

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Our services include ...

Need our help to select the type of O-ring, seal or tubing you need?
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Fully flexible custom component solutions

Our position as a rubber part manufacturer for the healthcare and dental industry has grown significantly in recent years.  This is a result of our product quality, cost-effective manufacturing capability, performance longevity and design flexibility. 

Material options for our medical grade O-rings, seals and custom components perform excellently in the most demanding environments

From ICU to mainstream wards; equipment, devices and everyday consumables rely upon rubber and silicone component parts from SBR-LS - keep reading ...

New dental technology enables new capabilities in dentistry and we are proud to support them with silicone parts for precision applications - keep reading ...

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