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Component Kitting

Component kitting of our products is a valuable resource many of our customers are taking advantage of in their manufacturing

Grouping our rubber and silicone products as independent components or as part of our assembly solutions is a valuable service dimension to our customers.  This service add-on allows manufacturers and device developers to further streamline their production with greatly improved handling efficiencies.

SBR-LS component kitting involves the selection and grouping of related components for a specific application or point of sale supply alongside a system or device

They can streamline your processing times and enhance your assembly line efficiency.  More and more customers are choosing these services to move towards lean and efficient production.

Our kitting services follow four key steps to ensure we offer delivery quality: 

Consultation with our production team to outline your requirements
Creation of a dedicated kitting process specification and production flow
Kitting production with continual product delivery communications
Post-production consultation/review in line with your production requirements

Get in touch with our production team to find out how a kitting solution can help your business.  We are ready and available to support your enquiry



In conjunction with our group member companies, we have an extensive parts range for component assemblies. For full details on our sub-assembly production capability, click below to visit page.
As a group, we have invested heavily in our facilities to offer added value to our customers. In addition to the supply of parts, let us help you in your packing and service delivery.
We operate an industry leading UK based cleanroom facility. The full range of markets we support utilise our ISO Class 7 Classification cleanroom production processing.
Custom mouldings from SBR-LS are a key competence. Design, specification and production flexibility give us the capability to support customers with quality and agility.

Need our help to create the component kitting solution you need? 
Get in touch to get support from our technical support team

Specialist kitting and packing services can benefit a business

SBR-LS have invested in advanced production equipment to develop a range of highly beneficial service solutions

We have the expertise and specialist knowledge to complete custom production and kitting within our dedicated facilities.  This gives our customers a reliability of rubber component supply alongside a superior service delivery.

Our business and teams have developed expertise to kit and pack your products using a variety of methods.  As an adjunct to this service, we also offer cleanroom capability within our group facilities.

We have therefore developed expertise to package these products using a variety of methods including within a certified clean environment.  Read about our packaging solutions ...


Do you need the support of our component kitting? Get in touch to find out how our services can support your product development