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Medical Seals and Gaskets

Medical seals and gaskets perform a vital role across healthcare and life science industry applications

SBR-LS offer a comprehensive range of metric, imperial and custom medical seals and gaskets.  Our elastomers and component solutions are designed to meet the most stringent medical requirements.

Components manufactured with healthcare industry specific materials include O-rings, (micro and giant), tri-clamp gaskets or sanitary gaskets.  This range extends to PTFE encapsulated O-rings, X-rings and washers.

The pharmaceutical, bio-technology and analytical industries are areas our seals and gaskets are commonly found.  This is a result of our material and manufacturing knowledge as a group of companies

Medical O-rings
View our range of medical O-rings online and buy with confidence from our online platform. If you can't see what you need, please feel free to get in touch, our teams are ready and available to assist you.
To achieve a seal clamp connection, our sanitary gaskets are available in a variety of specifications for sanitary pipelines.
Custom Mouldings
Custom mouldings from SBR-LS are a key competence. Design, specification and production flexibility give us the capability to support customers with quality and agility.

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Supporting new strides in technology that are changing tools and capabilities within the dental industry

Many of the new products and processes within the dental profession involve silicone rubber.  This is a result of the materials ability to be sterilised for use in patient care, procedures and appliances.  A specific application includes the production of keypads for dental equipment.

Our precision manufacturing and production capability of custom elastomer components supports high precision devices such as drills and burrs

A key reason for silicone to be used within dentistry is due to its inherent durability and ability to withstand the wet environment of the patients mouth.  It is also a tasteless and odourless material making it ideally suited to a patient care environment.

Our medical grade seals and gaskets feature within a wide range of dental devices and are often a custom moulded rubber part.  Our elastomer seals are used as coverings for drills, within X-ray machines, lights and trays.

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As UKGSA members, we are recognised as key suppliers of medical seals and gaskets

SBR-LS specialise in the manufacture and production of medical seals and gaskets for niche applications within the spectrums of life sciences

Manufacturers and med-tech equipment developers benefit from our expertise, output quality and production flexibility.  SBR-LS supplies manufacturers with the components they need while avoiding the high investment required to set-up and maintain it themselves.

Class 7 cleanroom capability is a key competence of The West Group (TWG), of which SBR forms a part. We are therefore able to help with outsourcing a specific element of your production and can significantly reduce your overall manufacturing costs.  

Our group have invested heavily in infrastructure and combine this with our products and expertise to ensure we offer our customers quality with maximum business efficiency.  Our clean room production is primarily used as an outsourcing service for the medical, scientific, and analytical industries looking for a specialised provider certified to meet the required standards.

We have developed expertise to package these products using a variety of methods including within a certified clean environment.  Keep reading ...


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