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Cosmetic market design and material capability with quality the industry demands

The cosmetic market as an industry deals with aesthetics but it forms a vital area of patient care and treatment

Cosmetic market branches include treatment areas such as aesthetic dermatology, physical therapy and surgical interventions.  It has exacting demands and employs cutting edge treatment and operational technology to provide patients with the highest standards of care.

Devices used within a cosmetic clinic setting will require many component types which will of course include rubber and silicone component parts.  As with any healthcare related system, these need to provide the quality and reliability for the systems they support.

Our components are sometimes hidden within a product or device but others are more visible providing outer protection.  Safety and performance objectives of the component or part are of course vital but appearance can also be a consideration.

Material selection for our standard and custom components alongside the colour of the part can be controlled.  SBR-LS can manufacture a custom component or bespoke shape in the colour and material your application demands.  Your clinic room aesthetics can be entirely in line with your brand or interior for a harmonious treatment area.

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Our technical teams are available to assist with your enquiry

Benefits of SBR-LS O-ring, sealing solutions and custom components:

  • A quality product with performance excellence - our components are manufactured to the highest standards to meet your clinical requirements

  • Material and component colour flexibility - we manufacture our components from our UK manufacturing facility.  We can control the material specification including providing a component colour to meet your equipment design

  • Enhancing patient care and physical therapy -  with high performing rubber and silicone component solutions, we deliver the excellence your facility demands

  • Compliant with approvals and standards - we meet production and quality standards required by the cosmetic market and aesthetic industry 

Safety, performance and aesthetics form the objectives for our cosmetic market mouldings

Our mouldings and extrusions are often used to protect and cover areas of equipment which are delicate but also visible

For this reason there is a combined aspect of function alongside the appearance of these parts that needs to be considered.  At every stage of our production, we consider the quality and performance of our components.  However, we can control other aspects of their specification.

With control over our rubber and silicone parts manufacturing, colour is a design element we can adapt to your requirements

Does your clinic or facility have a specific colour scheme or theme?  SBR-LS can advise on the correct material specification and available colour options to best suit your consulting environment.  Our technical teams are on hand to discuss your requirements.



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