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Medical Tubing

Medical tubing and our supply to the spectrum of life science applications is a key competence at SBR-LS.  We stock a wide range of material and specifications which are available to buy online from the categories below.

Our standard range includes Nylon, Polyurethane, Silicone, TPE, Kynar Line Polyurethane, Flexible Polyethylene, LLDPE and Unreinforced PVC.  Ribbon Hose is also available in a variety of material and colour options.  To complement our range of hose options, our tubing accessories include tubing clamps, flanges and tube end drain valves. 

In addition to material selection, we offer further specification options such as anti-microbial tubing and non-reinforced PVC.  For applications within healthcare and bioprocessing markets, anti-microbial capability as a material property is a desirable aspect of a component’s performance.  This has the aim of contributing to a significant reduction of HAI’s (hospital acquired infections) while preventing the overall deterioration of the product performance.

Unreinforced PVC tubing is available as versatile solution where complete visibility of the flow of contents is required.  Although not recommended for high pressure applications, our analytical and food and beverage production markets use this component widely.

A specialist area for SBR-LS and our group is the production of tubing sub-assemblies (finished medical devices).  We undertake complex assemblies of rubber, silicone and plastic components within our class 10,000 ISO Class 7 cleanroom.  In-house packaging and sterilisation assistance is available.


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