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Eox is...

"Always striving to create an engineer's tool kit to give you the best suited products for your applications. Eox provides dimensional drawings, CAD models & technical data for every product. If you cannot find what you are looking for we are committed to helping find a solution"

Product Information

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Supply Chain & Product Information:

By sourcing products mainly from the E.U & USA, Eox can offer quality products and a consistent flow of supply with many items available off the shelf. We have a team dedicated to selecting the best product selection for Eox so, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact the Eox team on: +44(0)2392 266031 or

Our suppliers offer regulatory information regarding their products where applicable and this information can be found on the product information tab for each product. We continuously aim to keep up to date with our suppliers' latest quality information and regularly review the products on our website. We require our supply chain to have a robust change control process in place and to ensure that a clear notification is sent in advance of any planned change. Eox requires notification of any changes to form, fit or function that affect any previously agreed acceptance criteria, product specification or dimensions, material composition, physical appearance, specification, manufacturer, manufacturing process or location. Eox then process any supplier changes, assess the impact of the change and notify any customers if applicable.

Technical Data:

All Eox product information and drawings are checked and approved by our own engineers. However, we rely on the information provided by our suppliers, Eox cannot be liable for any information wrongly given to us. 

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Customer Change Control
We do our best to let our customers know of any product changes. Impacted customers, identified as those who have purchased an affected product in the last 36 months, shall be notified
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Eox prices are typically based on U.K manufacturers' list price. We aim to ensure our prices remain competitive and offer the best all round value for money. Contact us for quantity price breaks

Important Clean Room Notice

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Eox offers clean room manufactured products but in some instances we may need to re-bag the products, which could affect your warranty.

We have a class 7 clean room in-house and can help with any requirements you may have. If your order needs to be clean room bagged/manufactured please let us know.

We can also help with any packaging requirements you may have. Contact us on +44 (0)2392 266031 or